Sunday, October 20, 2013

10/20/13 Update

Good Morning Fellow Bloggers!!!

Wanted to pop in here before my day started with a quick update. I've got some soreness in my back/shoulders from Turbo Jam yesterday, feels good. I love TJ :)

I started back logging my food after a rest/indulgence day on Thursday and im still up 2lbs of water weight. UGH!! I'm thinking it wasn't worth it :/ But today is only Sunday and my 'official' weigh in day isn't until Friday morning so I still have a few days to get in a lost this week.

I'm also thinking that maybe an indulgence meal every other week may be in order ( or  every three weeks ) I will just have to see how I handle it. I know I went a little crazy Thursday with my portions - something to work on.
Another option is to have a higher calorie day on Fridays? Like around maintenance? Back in the day I was very successful with my indulgence days but my workouts were more intense in those days too. I ate whatever I wanted for one day and still lost weight every week.

anyways, that's too much thinking at 6:45 in the morning LOL

Today is work then I'm cooking supper then I finally get to get my workout in after that. I'm leaning towards a nice long walk at the high school.


  1. It's Monday here in Australia. Did you get that long walk in??

  2. I did get my walk in!! I was so tired at the beginning, during it and the end. But I got it in :)


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