Monday, September 30, 2013

Walk It Off in 30 Days

Good Morning,

Today's my first day of work. Yay!

As I was scrolling through my facebook my eye's were caught by this post  , Its a Leslie Sansome Walk it Off in 30 Days Challenge. I copy and pasted the page below for those that can't click on the link. It starts Oct 1st, tomorrow and I'm going to start it. Its so simple and she has all the exercises listed out for strength training. I don't have to do her workouts necessarily, as long as I walk.

Anyways, I have to weigh in tomorrow and measure myself. I really, REALLY don't want to face the scale.

ok..gotta get the kids up and going. And Ive got a new job to start. Laters....

(copy and paste of the page)

WELCOME to the “Walk It Off in 30 Days” Walk Challenge WALKERS!!!
We are going to have a very healthy month together … I promise you!
Slimmer, Stronger and Healthier by Thanksgiving 2013!
To get started let’s all choose just “one” of these measurement options:
1 – weigh yourself
2 – measure inches from waistline, hip and upper arm areas
3 – choose a specific outfit and note how it fits
4 – THE ULTIMATE Measurements – Have your health professional take your Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar Level, Blood Lipid Profile (cholesterol levels), Resting Heart Rate, Body Composition (% of Body Fat), emotional health, brain health, bone density, joint range of motion …. oh yes …. EVERY SYSTEM of the body responds in 30 days ….. BIG TIME!
Weigh, measure or try on clothing before Tuesday, Oct. 1st. 
Write down your starting description. (weight, inches or fit of clothing)
Write down the time of day that you will exercise each day.  It’s your MOST IMPORTANT appointment of the day!
For the full 30 days, plan 30 to 45 mins. of exercise time.
1st Week Exercise Plan:
Tues. Oct. 1 – 2 Mile Walk (If you can’t measure distance – walk for 30 minutes or 4,000 steps)
Wed. Oct. 2 – 1 Mile in the Morning + 1 Mile in the Evening + Strength Training for the Core (abs)
(or Walk 15 minutes (2,000 steps) in AM – 15 minutes in PM + Abs)
Thurs. Oct. 3 – 2 Mile Walk
Fri. Oct. 4 – 1 Mile (AM) + 1 Mile (PM) + Strength Training for Upper Body
Sat. Oct. 5 – 2 Mile Walk
Sun. Oct. 6 – 1 Mile (AM) + 1 Mile (PM) + Strength Training for Lower Body
Strength Training Tools and Suggestions:
***Many of the Walk at Home DVDs offer Strength Training segments. The new DVD “Walk It Off in 30 Days” has a 30 Minute “Full Body” Strength Training segment that gives you every exercise you need for a “lifetime” of toned, firm, strong muscles! I will be using that DVD for my strength training workouts this month.
***Try the videos offered in our Walk Social area:
Go to / click on Walk Social / Click on “Track Your Walk” / Click on Video / Click on Search / Choose any of the Videos
Also visit this link for more details -
***Follow these exercises:
For Abs:
- Do 3 sets of 15 Curl Ups (Abdominal Crunches)
- Do 3 planks (or have planks with knees on floor) Hold for 20 seconds each.
For Upper Body:
- Do 3 sets of 10 of each exercise:
Chest Press with Dumbbells
Bent Over Row with Dumbbells
Bicep Curls
Triceps Extensions
For Lower Body:
- Do 3 sets of 15 of each exercise:
Squats (add challenge – hold dumbbells)
Add Dumbbells for increased results – good starting weights are 3, 5 or 8 lb. sets.  Intermediate to Advanced weights are 8, 10, and 12 lb. sets.
And finally …. just DO as much as you can …. even half of the daily assignments WILL GIVE YOU RESULTS …. don’t spend anytime worried about a missed session …. just start again the next day!
Are you ready to WALK Strong???? Let’s WALK Everybody!
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