Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Uneasy Feelings

Good Morning,

Today will be Jessica's 30 min Hiit plus some upper body weights.

I just came from facebook. I keep saying I'm going to delete some of my ex-coworkers who I feel weren't really my friends while I was working there. You ever get that feeling that someone isn't real? Like there is another side of them that they don't reveal to you? Well, there was one girl who I trained about a year ago and she worked her way up, thanks to me bragging about her working hard and taking on the notion to do things without being told well she was in line to be the next assistant manager if I was to get promoted.

Well, im still friends with her on facebook and this morning she posted about starting her training for assistant bakery manager. For some reason I had an uneasy feeling about this? I guess its never easy to see someone take over your old job...perhaps thats it? Maybe its the fact that I trained her on everything she knows, including decorating? She told me that she wasn't even sure she was going to accept it? ( I was thinking she was full of BS too, lol, and I was right)

sigh, I don't know.

I mean, it was my choice to leave the job, right. I quit!! There has to be someone to take over the position.  but why do I feel almost angry at this girl?

There was always this little voice that told me not to trust this girl. Like she was talking behind my back, which she probably was.  I mean, there is always that little red flag about a person when they spill the beans about there friends to someone they barely know. I pretty much knew she was like that...

anyways, I have to forget about that job. Its done. Why waste time and energy on something that doesn't even matter any more?

ok, off to get some things done. =) I just needed to vent.

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