Monday, September 02, 2013


Its Sept 2, 2013

Im starting a one month challenge for myself today. Here is my goals for the month::

1) Eat less white/processed foods
2) mentally track my calories and keep them under 1800
3) try and workout 5 days a week and move everyday
4) drink water like I used too.

Starting weight: 220.02  Goal weight in a month : 215.00

My starting weight is completely crushing. 2yrs ago I would laugh out loud if someone told me I would weigh this much again. It is simply amazing how much can change in such a short period of time. I blame the bakery for the most part and myself for not taking control sooner. But whats done is done and I have to move on.

The most important thing at this point is to not obsess over my weight. I have to really stay in-tuned with how im feeling and I don't feel like I used too. I don't feel good about myself anymore, I feel slow and sluggish. I feel depressed and fat, and my anxiety is causing my moods to go up and down like a roller coaster. Im eating just to feel better...meanwhile everything inside is SCREAMING "what in the hell are you doing?" Im starting diets and not even getting through one day? Im working out then turning around and eating half a pizza with a bowl of ice-cream? Its time for me to get a grip! Its time for me to take control.

So This morning I decided to face the scale, start a diet ( yup, I said the 'D' word) and motivate myself for one day. Just one day at a time because starting a diet is the hardest part. Here is a link that helped me this morning.

My next step is too make a workout rotation and stick to that too. Since im off now I have time to type it out on here and just cross it out as I do it. Or I may just write it on paper. Whatever conclusion I come too I will do it Sometime today but right now my kids are growing restless and want to get on the computer.


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