Saturday, September 28, 2013

On The Fence

So I mentioned on my last post about following a workout routine/rotation right? And for some reason I can't bring myself to do things on days when I don't want too? I don't know if its because of how strict I was before or perhaps my love for workouts have changed? I don't definitely not the same person I was 8 years ago when starting this weight loss journey. I'm older and I no longer care about being a skinny minny anymore, I just want to wear a normal, average size (like a 12). Right now im in a tight 16, sigh. A size twelve isn't too far away  though...I can get there easily in about 3 months or so. Soon I will get my head twisted on tight and do this weight loss thing agian, but until then, im reminding myself on how to eat properly, how to eat-out properly and how to avoid binge eating. Its tough, but I can do it!

I had a bad experience last night with racing thoughts and all they were telling me to do was EAT. But I knew if I went in there and nibbled on something ( and I wasn't hungry mind you) it would explode into a crazy mindless eating frenzy. My shark fin would rise out of my back and I would circle the refrigerator, eating as fast as I could until my stomach popped my buttons off my pj bottoms :D!!

Im still trying to get a hold of my bad eating habits. I've been doing a lot better this past month. No binges ( yay) and I've been walking almost every day (sometimes twice a day) but no major weight loss. Im down maybe 2lbs or so. The most important thing is that im not gaining, ive finally stopped all that!

So I start my new job Monday and can't wait! Im excited to be bringing a 2nd paycheck into the house. And  another thing to look forward too is our car will be paid off in just 4 more payments...Yay!!

Im already hinting around to my DH that I want a new-er car next year. I want a ford fusion or ford escape...


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  1. I know what you mean about bingeing. My biggest problem area. Like you, I'm working on it. Good luck on Monday.


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