Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday 9/23/13 Update


Today is a rest day and I'm looking forward to it. But there is one thing about rest days I don't care for...less calories out means less calories in.

Yesterday I had an AWESOME Thought while walking. It was my inner fat girl trying to take over my mind and she did have a good argument. She said....
..... ok, I walk 5+ days a week and I burn about 200 calories with these walks.  So 200 x 5 = 1,000 . I can easily have a indulgence meal in the middle of the week as long as I stick to my calories the rest of the week. I already eat a meal on the weekend. Mmmmm
I so bad. LMAO!! But, on the flip side of that thought, that also means an extra 1,000 calories GONE that will eventually lead to more weight GONE.  Its something to toss around in that loopy mind of mine.

I plan on getting some laundry done today and thats about it. I confess that I am currently OBSESS with a Nintendo Wii game called Harvest Moon : Animal Parade. I sit and play it hours at a time...I know, terrible. But the way I see it, as long as everything is done around the house why not? Besides, next Monday I start my new job and my time won't be as free as it is now.

When I was younger I wasn't really into video games, I remember playing Zelda and maybe some Mario Bro's but thats about it. Oh and I also like Tetris.

ok...enough rambling. Laters....

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