Sunday, September 15, 2013

Jibber Jabbering away....

Well, its Sunday afternoon around supper time and im bored as hell! Gah!

Its the PERFECT time to get on here and blog.

So here's the thing, Over the past .. oh I don't know, 20 days I have stayed on plan about 75% of the time. Most days were good. Calories around 1800 and workouts done.

This past Thursday wasn't great. I basically had a little melt down and my poor DH was here to listen, thank goodness. I told him about the anxiety i've been feeling lately then my mind started racing and the tears started coming. I was a dreadful mess.  I was crying about everything. I was feeling so guilty for quitting my job. But not only that - I also went on to gripe about my weight and how im completely miserable, how the scale keeps creeping up and I feel out of control.  

I was just being a big crybaby. My husband was exactly what I expected him to be. There for me.

After I calmed down and felt SO MUCH BETTER. I mean, wow. There is nothing like spilling your guts to someone. 

My hubby's insurance will kick in in October ( I though it was sept ) and I'm debating on going to see my doctor again. My anxiety can really get on my nerves sometimes. And im just not sleeping very good =(


So I had two interviews last week. One wasn't exactly the job I wanted but the 2nd one was awesome. Its through a temp service with the possibility to get hired on full time in 90 days. Its a front office job about 15 minutes away, mon-fri 9am -5pm. Perfect hours and decent pay, the same amount I was making at the bakery but they start off at this amount. It took me two years to get it there.
I was so excited. The interview went very well, I think. He told me there are two parts to an interview and I would have to wait for a call back for a second interview before they make a final decision.

The job is what I call a 'gravy' job. I mean come on, sitting in front of the computer all day sounds a lot better then running around in some bakery, lifting heavy buckets and boxes then dealing with customers for the same pay.  I really hope I get it. If not then it wasn't meant and the right job is still out there waiting for me. Besides, the temp service seems like a good one. They called me twice last week with job oppotunities but really wanted me to go with this one since it was so close.

ok...enough jibber jabber. I will check back in in a  few days. Mean while...... take it easy

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