Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Found a Job!

I wish I could say I got the front desk position but now word from that one yet.

I had an interview on Tuesday morning. Its for a part-time cashier position. Later in the day I got a call from the manager with a job offer and I almost fell out of my chair with excited! Yay, kinda excited to be working again. The job is easy peasy, running a cash register and some stocking/ front face zoning...thats it. And 24 hours a week is the max I would get...perfect!!

I filled out my new hire pack yesterday and now im waiting on the background check to come back and then she's going to call me with my schedule! Yay.
I do still plan on looking for that 'perfect' job but until then, I can work my part time cashier job for extra money. :)

Today was a good day. Woke up, got the kids on the bus, drank my coffee + internet for about an hour and then I got my first walk in. It was so pretty out - about 65 degree's and a clear sky, low humidity - I love it when the humidity is down. Later in the day I got in another 30 minute power walk at a local high school's running track. I feel the walking is helping a lot with my anxiety and depression. I can feel it slowly going away - about frickin time! ;-)

Oh, and some more exciting news!!!  I found a calorie app on my phone called 'My Diet Diary' and I started logging today. Its simple and has a bar scanner for fast posting, Im loving it so far.  I think I will do some strength training tomorrow with the band, maybe some Cathe...kinda miss her. :)


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