Thursday, August 29, 2013

Turn the Page.

So, my first week at home with no job and I feel.... . . . more like myself.

Of course I keep going over the situation in my head and how I could have handled it better but in the end I come to the same conclusion. If I didn't quit I would be doing inventory by myself while my boss is off the entire weekend (labor day weekend) Um, NO! Im not going to do her job...she was so frickin clueless.

In a way I wish I was close to somebody up there so I can hear all the gossip about it. Nobody liked my boss, they all thought she was a suck up to the store manager and just a b*tch. I haven't heard from anybody at my job. I thought for sure one girl that I  was a little close to would contact me, but she hasn't. Just as well, I don't need to hear the gossip about me.

Sigh, oh well. Its time to turn the page.

I think I have filled out about 3000 applications over the past 5 days :/

I have a 'assessment' test on Wednesday for one very good company that is hard to get into. Im not going to put all my eggs in one basket but its a lead on a job. In the mean time Im waiting on that call...just waiting.

For the past two days I have been eating pretty darn good and getting in my walks. I think I will do some weights tomorrow. I also saw a youtube video on some trampoline cardio. This women makes workouts using her kids BIG trampoline outside...they look fun and exhausting. She's pretty funny too so I plan on watching it and just copying her tomorrow.  I will have to do it in the morning or it aint gonna happen in the GA heat ;-)


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