Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday Update

Good Morning,

Its early on a Sunday morning, around 5:30. I'm sipping my coffee before work.

Yesterday I joined a calorie counting challenge on 3fatchicks, you know the ones I use to participate in a few years ago. They where very supportive and encouraging and its a daily check in.  Im basically eating around 1600 a day, no lower than 1400 and no higher then 1800 on workout days. Just got to take it day by day. I will weigh in one day a week, haven't decided what day yet?

I took Friday and Saturday off from workouts so today I need to get back into it. I know I need to get in a cardio. Im thinking some upper body weights too..

I've come to a conclusion about my job. I hate it but....1) I work at a grocery store that is with in walking distance 2) I make ok money for this area 3) I'm the assistant so I get most saturdays off and the manager doesn't want me to go so I've got more pull then everybody else. I've decided to quit over-thinking everything and just go in and do my job. Forget about the bullshit. Forget about what I think is or isn't fair. Im not going to get caught up in the drama either.

Im going to visit my old doctor as soon as my insurance kicks in and get some Valium for the days when I feel very anxious. It seemed to help a lot. But until then I plan on drinking some lemon balm extract in my water every morning before work an perhaps after work too. It does calm the brain down a lot.

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