Thursday, August 15, 2013


YUP, THATS RIGHT.....I've got an interview today at my husbands work. Starting pay is almost five dollars more than what I make now. I SO WANT THIS JOB!!!  This job means a lot to our family. It means no more struggling to pay bills. Well, we don't 'struggle' but we don't always have extra money either.  I'm kinda nervous but my husband told me what to expect from the interview so I got a heads up.

Yesterday was a busy day, I wasn't in the best mood either.  I had to take my sister to the hospital for what they call a 'short stay' operation. It went well but it took most of the day and I couldn't get any phone reception so I was kinda pissed about that. I was planning on watching some HBO on my phone but instead I read magazines. I did find an interesting article about Jordan Sparks on how she lost 50lbs total in 18 months. She explained how she had to change her mindset about food first and fit in exercise ( for her mainly walking at first). Then she talked about eating . She said she didn't diet at all, just watched her portion size. If she wanted something, she ate it....but just a few bites to satisfy her craving. She said she 'listened to her body'

Sounds interesting. Although I can't imagine weight loss for a celebrity is the same experience as your average joe. With all the people they can sure its just a little bit easier for them.

I do like her way of thinking though, if you can change your mindset then you can definitely change your life.

I think one thing thats in my way is the bakery. I've got to get away from the bakery in order to get a fresh start. How is someone suppose to lose weight and keep it off while being surrounded by cakes, bread, donuts and buckets of icing? Its frickin hard!!! If my husbands job doesn't offer me a job then my search for a new career will continue with doctors office's. I can't give up....

ok. off to start my day., Wish me luck :)

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  1. Good luck. I'm sure the bakery work is so hard...


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