Monday, August 26, 2013


I'm probably going to regret it in about two weeks when those paychecks quit rolling in but I didn't work today. I was a no-call no-show :O

I know I said I was going to give a two week notice but the thought of working with that bitch for two more weeks makes me physically ill. And let me tell you about what happened yesterday. It was sunday and the store manager was doing inventory. Well I went up too him around lunch time and asked for a transfer to another store. He said 'sure, after &*%^$ vacation in october" I said 'thats two months away? "he said 'is that going to be a problem?" I told him no but was hoping for one sooner. He then went on to explain all the things he has going on the next few weeks and what he expected out of the bakery. He said he has "done a lot for me" and that I owed him that. ... um.... he's crazy. I don't owe him a damn thing. I worked my butt off for everything he's done for me, I earned it. So after that I was like F*** him.

Oh and another thing.

So I was at work and everything was fine until I opened the bitches desk drawer to get a pen ( she hides them in there like a pack rat) and right there, staring me in the face was the schedule in plain view. I know how she thinks...this was her cowardly way of showing it to me. So when it was time for me to leave I took off my name badge and set it on the schedule...along with my other badges. Letting her know that I did see it and I was done!

Oh well, I don't have to go back there ever again!! It feels awesome but kinda scary. Here I am again with no job except only now I have about 50 pounds to lose :(

Believe me, I talked to my husband over and over again about this. We discussed our bills and technically he makes enough to pay $ was extra money and grocery money.

Its just that....I feel so anxious today. Like I made a mistake or something. My heart tells me I did the right thing but my mind is saying different. :(

I start to wonder if I had been on zoloft or something would I had made all the decisions? But the job is whats causing my anxiety...

sigh.... Im done. And feed back is welcomed :)

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