Sunday, August 04, 2013

Can't Sleep :(

I went to bed earlier then usual because I'm working the donut shift at work this morning. Im suppose to be there around 3:30, but I think I will go in around 2:30.

My anxiety is driving me batty. Its better then it was last week but im still over thinking things. Sigh....

I'm looking forward to my workout after work this afternoon, (after a nap too lol, im not use to these night shift hours). I didn't workout yesterday, took a rest day. Today is a full body upper body workout. I think I will end it with a 30 minute cardio on the elliptical.

All this anxiety is making that munchie monster appear again. Im doing good though, just letting the thoughts of food come - and go - without acting on them. Its the hardest thing I've ever had to do in my life. I mean, its no different then a smoker trying to quit or an alcoholic putting down that last drink.

anyways, mind over matter eh?

ok.  Its... *ahem*.... "Time to Make the Donuts"

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