Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Work Update

So when I got there this morning all was quiet in the bakery.
Up until I was about to leave....

It was about 3:10 and I was suppose to leave at 3:30, well I finished all my stuff and decided to go. I asked boss lady if it was ok and she said yeah but come here, I need to talk to you.
She asked why I was mad at her?
I said 'why do you say that?' ( and realistically I don't care anymore, I'm done with her. Im done talking to her)
She said "you've been quiet all day, barely saying two words to me and I don't like it"
I said well, you haven't said anything to me either..
She then went on to explain how the thing I was mad about was  'my fault' and not hers and blah blah blah.
I again told her I wasn't mad ( I just wanted to get the hell out of her face)
she stared at me chewing her gum with this look that I guess is suppose to scare me and said "ok"
I said ok
and that was it.

OH MY GOD! THIS WOMEN DRIVES ME MAD!!!! I wanted to tell her so bad how I felt but I was scared that I would get upset and start yelling. And yelling can get you fired....

 So rewind to earlier this morning...and before I go on I need to explain that I know the Deli Managers Daughter because she use to be in my position, my boss ladies assistant. I messaged her on facebook basically venting about the boss lady and she told me some things that the boss lady did to her. Similar things that she is doing to me. I told her what the store manager said about me switching with someone in the deli. I told her I knew a girl in the deli that wants to go to the bakery....

So...this morning, I ran into the Deli manager in the front office. She saw me and immediately took off her reading glasses and said " you talked to my daughter on facebook earlier this week about working in the Deli? Who in the deli wants to work in the bakery?"  I told her who and she said ' perfect, I will tell the store manager friday when I come back to work (shes off tomorrow). I said " please...PLEASE get me out of the bakery before I lose my mind." She laughed...and said im sure there won't be a problem. Boss Lady won't be hearing anything from me about it. She brought all of this on herself. The only bad thing is that I will still have to run into her in the store...

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