Sunday, July 14, 2013


Today is Sunday, the last day of work before my vacation, yeahya! 

We don't have anything planned yet and hopefully it stays that way :)

So about my workouts and eating....

if you've been reading my blog then you know that about 6/7 days ago I met with a personal trainer to go over some routines at the gym. She gave me some advice on an eating plan as well. So far I have been sticking to that eating plan about 85%, it could be better but hey, im turning over a new leaf so it will take me a while to get used to it!

So the other day I was aching to weigh and I was pleasantly surprised with the #,specially after my 4th of July all-week-pig-out-,post-diet-pill-extravaganza event, it could have been a lot worse! 

The eating plan is this. I'm basically cutting out a lot of carbs, I try to stick to around 100 grams a day and eat as much protein as I can hold. My workout routine is simple. Every other day I do 60mins of cardio and do 'boot-camp' or 'circuit' type workouts 2/3 days a week. Sundays will be my rest day and 'take it easy' day on the eats. ( im going to allow one meal for now) 

I also added in a heavy lifting leg day and one heavy lifting upper body day because I know my body won't respond to just 3-8 lb dumb bells ( what I generally use on Boot-camp and circuit days)

I will stick with this for about 6-8 weeks and if no results are seen I will try something else! 

Im not gonna lie, its hard to stay at such a low carbohydrate intake, but I seem to be doing good so far. I can remember I time when all I ate was around 25grams a day - now THAT was hard ;-)


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  1. I have really been toying with the idea of getting a personal trainer! That is quite cheap I think! The only problem here is that there is not a lot of choice when it comes to personal training. In fact, I think that there are two in town. One is my ex-student which would just be a bit strange for me and another is a guy who works during my working hours!


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