Saturday, July 06, 2013

Saturday Update

Good Morning :)

Its around 9:30 and I'm drinking my decafe coffee, getting ready to hit the gym before it gets crowded.

No work today, Yay! Last week was a PITA ( my bakery manager was on vacation which left me in charge ) The store manager and my manager both were pleased with what I did so im hoping for my own bakery some day :). Im scared but I know I will ROCK at being the boss!!

This week has been fun. Lots of time spent with my husband and kids after work, lots of eating out and drinking margarita's. Eating out is one of my favorite things to do but it has big consequences for me, as I'm an emotional eater . Now im pretty sure I've gained most of that water weight back that I lost with the diet pill I was taking. My stomach is very bloated despite all the water I've been drinking and exercising I've been getting in. And the alcohol has caught up too me as well. Yesterday I was a walking zombie, I had every intention of working out after work but never did. I fell asleep on the couch with my workout clothes on LOL.

So on my last visit to the gym two days ago I talked to the owner a little. He showed me how to use the leg press and the quad machine ( whats it called?) He asked what my goal was, to lose weight or just get stronger. I said first to lose weight and then to remain strong. Then he suggested a personal trainer that just started with him about 3 months ago and she already has some successful clients. And the best thing about it is that because im a gym member its only 10$'s for each session. I figure I would use her for a few sessions and get my motivation back then she is always there if I need her.

Well, she happen to be there (and I noticed her when she first walked in. You kinda have too - she was super fit and very friendly) After my workout we spoke for a few minutes. She seems very confident in what she does, which I like. She looked me straight in the eye and said "I can't give you a time frame on weight loss but I can promise that you will be in those old jeans before you know it".  -------I liked that!

I'm meeting with her Monday evening for our first session and then after we will discuss a nutrition plan. Im not sure if its counting calories or what. But im praying that this will bite me in the butt and get me back on track with food. Because right now, food is comforting for me. I've lost my way a little....

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