Saturday, July 27, 2013

Quick Update

So work yesterday was very quiet. Im not surprised since I thought the 'sh*t was going to hit the fan' (eyeroll) After the deli manager talked to the store manager she came to me and said that he wants to wait a couple of weeks before I switch with that deli employee because he needs to find a replacement for me. He also said he's going to talk to the bakery manager. I'm not sure when though....

So I feel a lot better after hearing that. I just wish I was starting in the deli on the next schedule. I also felt kinda bad because the bakery manager and I are getting along a little better now. But I can't help but remember how upset I was last week because of that beast! She honestly has no idea how difficult she can be.

Man im tired this morning, wish I could go back to bed :/

ok...laters :)

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