Friday, July 26, 2013

Morning Coffee Time

I've got a 15mins to spend with you guys before I get ready for work. Today is going to be a very interesting day @ work. I can feel it!! All the managers are going to be here and its the perfect opportunity for the sh*t to hit the fan.

The Deli Manager is suppose to talk to the Store Manager today. Im hoping he goes for the switch. ( im suppose to switch with someone in the deli because Im sick to death of being the Bakery Managers Assistant)

Now....I asked him last Saturday if my pay would change because im basically demoting my self and he said no, he's sure it would be fine. I just hope he's a man of his word. Im still wondering if he has spoken to my manager about our conversation. She hasn't approached me about it and im pretty sure she would have Wednesday....

I will be so glad when the weekend is over. I just hope im on the deli's schedule for next week. I'm having trouble sleeping, I'm going over 'worse case scenario's' in my head  so I can be prepared a little. Just in case.

Sigh, so im basically talking to myself. :/

---will update tonight or tomorrow----

oh, yesterday I took a rest day because my body was given me a lot of warning signs and my eatings was good. Today plan on going to the gym after work for a good sweatfest!!! Can't wait :) BBL

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