Thursday, July 25, 2013

Can't Sleep. Want To Random Mumble.

My eyes popped open at 4am this morning. ugh, I had a dream about 3 co-workers. We were hanging out at my house and for some reason I was there age, around 20. It was seriously weird. I'm going to miss them :(

I'm having anxiety about missing my kids first day of school. Its August 8th. The past two years I've missed it and there's nothing more important then me seeing them off on that day. I won't miss it this year...period!

Remember when I told you guys a few months back that I quite drinking caffeine? Well, I started drinking 1/2&1/2 coffee. Its not as strong but I had to have something to wake me up in the morning. That might have something to do with all this anxiety too...I don't know. Basically when ever something is bothering me my anxiety goes up. I just get into this over-thinking zone and it doesn't stop. Its madness. My insurance kicks back in on 8/20 and I can't wait to go get some more Valium from my doctor. I just ran out like a week ago and that prescription was filled almost a year ago so that shows how often I take it. Its the only thing that helps calm my mind down. Well, its the only inexpensive thing because with insurance its only around 10$. I've tried some different things here lately like drinking Kiefer and its pretty good, it just makes you sleepy. Lemon balm extract is good too but not as strong as Valium. done mumbling now. Gotta get ready for work, at least the Boss Beast B*TCH won't be there :D

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  1. Strange! I woke up at 4am this morning too and couldn't go back to sleep. I was having the same conversation over and over with my boss! I think mine was anxiety related too!


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