Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Back To Work Talk & Updates!

Good Morning,

I've got a bit of a hangover this morning as I drank a mixed concoction last night w/bourbon and diet sprite. Yeah....wasn't great but it got the job done ;-)

So its back to work for me. My schedule this week is 5 days in a row then im off Monday & Tuesday. I'm curious to see if the store manager talked to my boss about our conversation on Saturday. I will know as soon as I get there because she will have 'that look' on her face. I know her that well...

I honestly don't care anymore. And I'm not talking to her about it either, I'm done with being nice to her.  If she confronts me about it, which I doubt she will because she's chicken shit!,....I will be honest.

Hopefully I still have a job by the end of the day LOL. (its really not funny but im at the point where I honestly don't care if I do or not. My husband has a job and as determined as I am...I can find another one)

Workout talk and More....

So yesterday I had an awesome workout at the gym. It went like this:
10 min interval run
10mins working hips, inner thigh + abs
5min interval run followed by 5 mins power walking @ 4mph
13min working leg press, quad press & calvs
17min elliptical. I did the reverse program on there.

 Oh Mi Gosh, I was done after this workout! Shirt soaking wet. legs all felt good.

Yesterdays eating was good as well. I logged everything! Woke up and had some very-unlike-me-breakfast of honey nut cheerios ( I rarely eat cereal in the morning) w/fat free milk. I drank a protein shake pre-workout. Made a spinach, mushroom & turkey pepperoni 'wrap pizza' for a late lunch. Greek yogurt w/pineapple and supper was chicken  taco wraps. I had about 8 soda crackers before going to bed because of the alcohol.
Over all, not too bad of a day. I think around 1800 or so. I'm working on getting that closer to 1600...

Today I plan on not eating anything after 7pm. The owner of the gym told me that yesterday and its something I've been wanting to do anyway.

So, About That Personal Trainer...

I mentioned earlier this month that I met with a personal trainer for one day. Well I did two workouts with her total and I gotta tell ya, I'm not too crazy about her. She's not warm and friendly like I thought she was. And there are other things that bother me about her too like for instance. She doesn't show any modifications for her workouts? I mean, its almost like she thinks her students are suppose to be able to do everything that she can, specially her core workouts.

On our last workout session, there was two other girls w/me ( very young girls - 19 yrs old) and the instructor walks in and turns on the music. She has some small conversation with them then she walks to the front of the classroom and I guess the mood strikes her to dance a little. Well I was being funny when I asked " Is that our first move?" and I had a giggle with it. I guess she took it in a way like I was saying I didn't feel comfortable doing that because she says back. I im about 98% sure I didn't hear her wrong but she says " its ok, you'll look good doing this one day."  :o
 That didn't settle well with me at all! And it still doesn't. I get a sense that she's kinda 'uppity' too. Kinda like a snob.

Since then she keeps reminding me about her classes and I say I will try to make it. But I don't plan on taking anymore of her classes. She's just not my cup of tea...

ok...gotta get ready for work now.

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