Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tuesday 5/14 Day Off Update

Good Morning,

Its a beautiful Tuesday morning! The sun is shining bright and I can hear the birds singing through my front glass door. I just wish I felt better. Got a scratchy throat with sinus drainage and it seems that my whole body is aching. ugh.Yesterday I started feeling bad around 10am. I notice my throat was drying out and getting scratchy. This morning I woke up with it worst and my sinus draining...

I just got a call from my manager at work asking if I wanted to go to another store and help out. If I did't feel so bad I probably would since it would put me at over time. But I honestly don't feel like moving from this seat. I told her I couldn't.

I need to workout today...Im going to see how I feel later and maybe get in a walk or something?

I'm suppose to go weigh in tomorrow but I don't have the new schedule...not sure if im working or not?

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