Thursday, May 09, 2013

Day #7 Update

Week one has gone pretty good. Here are a few things that I've  learned about the pill (adipex).

1) Me eliminating caffeine before starting this pill was a very wise choice...I have no added anxiety with it.
2) Take it on a completely empty stomach or it won't work.  I take it at 7am and 12noon.
3) water, water and more water all day long
4) It doesn't mix well in my system with any sleeping pills. (first few days I took two different sleeping meds and didn't feel good the next day, now I don't take any)
5)You have to eat your meals, no skipping.

I've got ten minutes to get to work but I wanted to update you guys on my first week.

I don't go back until the 15th for a weigh in (then its once a month from there) so I don't dare step on the scale here. You know how that goes, two different scales = two different #'s

Have a great day.

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