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Hello, my name is Amy *&^@#$%^ and I'm an over eater. At one point in my life I was very obese, weighing almost 280lbs. Back in 2005 I lost a lot of weight the right way by counting calories and exercising. That weight loss was sustained over 6yrs with good eating habits and exercise. Then anxiety and depression entered my life along with medications. 

I no longer take any medications but I have managed to pack on  40+ lbs. despite many attempts to lose this medical induced lard I have yet to achieve that goal. 

I'm about to confess the craziest thing I have ever done in my life! I'm taking a prescription strength appetite suppressant to help me at this point in my weight loss journey. I've become desperate! Please don't judge me for you are not in my shoes. All I ask for is support and encouragement. 

I'm aware that this drug is not a miracle drug nor can it be used long term. My thoughts are to take the drug, lose the weight , introduce my old and healthy eating habits and continue on with my exercise.

I've created a page just for this journey that im updated as I experience new things. I will publish it shortly

Thank you for understanding

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