Saturday, April 06, 2013

TGIF 4/6 Update :)

Good Morning,

Well, I started logging my food everyday back on 3/13. I've been kicking @ss in the workout department and this morning I was pleasantly surprised with a 4lb loss on the scale. I'll take it!!!

You know whats funny is that i've been eating close to 2000-2300 calories a day. No hungry whats so ever.

Today is day #5 of no caffeine and im feeling great with that too.

I honestly think its the mp3 dowloads that started all this off. I've got two of them. One for weight loss and one for positive thinking. I will listen to them at work on lunch or while im walking with one of Leslie Sansone's dvds.  There amazing!! I've noticed that I handle things if I don't feel like working out I start to look at the whole picture and not the moment. I make myself eat right and pack my food for work. Its hard...but its becoming an habit. getting off the soap box now. LOL.

Have a great weekend :)

Oh and ps...totally off ALL MEDICATIONS NOW :D

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