Friday, April 19, 2013

TGIF 4/19/2013 update

Good Morning,

I set my alarm clock for an early workout but when that sucker went off I was in no mood to get out of bed. Lately I've been working out after work...its hard because im so tired but im also tired in the morning so eh...*shrugs shoulders. Once I get started it isn't so bad....At least im getting them in.

I took before pics yesterday, hoping to see some changes in a few months. Right now my focus is getting in my workouts and just trying to watch what I eat. Its hard when you work in a bakery. The past 5wks I have changed my mindset on food. There is no longer any forbidden foods, I eat what I want as long as I keep it accountable. I'm still logging every morsel on MFP. I've also been working with a dear friend of mine who I would consider an expert in nutrition ( she has a certification in nutrition of some sorts too, can't remember which one though) But it seems to be helping my over all mentality of food. Its going to take a while. But i've got to learn how to eat properly without dieting. As long as I keep up with my workouts and stay accountable there will come change...I just have to be patient.

So work is going good, I may be a bakery manager soon...

The kids are good, my husband is doing good. He has a 2nd interview on tuesday for a job that isn't too far from us...maybe 25mins.

Life is good :) Oh and im off tomorrow...which makes life a little exciting :)

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