Sunday, April 07, 2013

Quiet is so lovely!

As I sit here with my decafe coffee, ready for work with my lunch pack I realize that i still had 30mins left before its back to work. So Here I is!!! :-P

Everybody is asleep, including the dogs. Its so damn quiet...i miss quiet. Quiet hardly happens anymore...

Yesterday was so beautiful here in Ga. Around 74 I believe. After work we threw some burgers and dogs on the grill and ate outside on the patio. So nice...and quiet. Then we went to a local park and walked our big outside dog, Cassie girl, for about 35mins. it was again - quiet.

Today is suppose to be just as pretty. After work I plan on getting in a good workout then maybe some yard work. It desperately needs it.

I updated my 'measurements and weigh in page. My next WI and measurement are on 5/11 - can't wait :)

Have a lovely Sunday!!

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