Sunday, April 28, 2013

Got The Sunday Blues...

Its one of those days where I wish I could stay home with my kids and husband instead of going to work for a company who, IMO really could care less about me. And I feel as if all these workouts just aren't helping me lose any weight. Its HARD to workout before or after being on your feet for 8 hours running around a bakery.

Another thing that's got me down is that i'm frustrated with my store manager, he 'owes' me 50 cents from almost a year ago. I've asked him more than a few times about it. All he says is 'give me a few weeks'. Then he told my manager that he didn't know how to explain to his boss what the 50 cents was for? There has to be a reason or it will be denied. I told him 'well tell him the truth that I'm a good worker and I deserve it!"....

Im sick of thinking about it honestly. It just pisses me off even more.

My manager told him that I probably wouldn't be in that store much longer because he doesn't want to pay me what he owes me. There will be a Bakery Managers position available in another month ( long story) if all goes well, I will get it and be done with the whole store. I will miss my friends but I don't have answer to my boss anymore...I will be the boss. Sounds awesome.

so yesterday I brought home some Mayfield ice cream because it was on sale ( good excuse in my mind) and guess what? I probably ate at least half of the container in two sittings. I feel so fat this morning..ugh.

Ice cream is defiantly a trigger food for me. I just can't bring it into the house. I didn't really eat a lot yesterday besides the ice cream so its all good. I just don't feel good about it.

ok...gotta get ready for work now. I do feel better since talking about my grumpy feeling on here...thanks for reading and I hope you all have a great Sunday :)

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