Thursday, April 04, 2013

Caffeine Free Amy

Good Morning! I can't believe I haven't checked in since the 27th? wow....

Well, everything is good. I did hurt my back over the weekend so I haven't been able to do any heavy weight lifting - just been power walking as my workout.

Last week I mentioned that I was cutting way back on my coffee in the morning and watching the amount of caffeine I drink/eat. Well today is day #2 of no caffeine. It was hard yesterday, I was sleepy for most of the day and I did take a nap around 2ish.

Monday wasn't a very good day. I purposely went out and bought a fast food burger and fry while getting my kids some cough drops. Came home and attacked what was left of the kids Easter candy...they didn't want it anyway.

Well now that Easter candy is in the trash!! I got a little on track yesterday and today I intend to be 100% back on track. I've got to go and get my breakfast and lunch packed for work...will check back in soon. :)

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