Saturday, March 16, 2013

Yesteday goals
1) Not think about things that upset me-done
2) get my workout in -done
3) eat what I plan -done + extra ( eye roll)
4) listen to my down loads - done
5) Not eat after 7pm - not done

Today's Goals

workout - DONE
eat MFP calories -
drink water -24 oz so far...
DO NOT give into cravings tonight -

---------In other news-------- 

So I finally got a chance to talk to my boss yesterday about our argument Friday. She said that I approached her with an attitude? (eyeroll) Whatever...I didn't, I was just asking a question about the schedule and she was in a bad mood and took it out on me. She doesn't like being question and I can understand that but tell me when im crossing the line...don't yell like a damn child.  

Here's the thing. When I become a manager, Im going to ask if the employee has an attitude "in that moment" not going to assume that they do and then jump down their throat about it. 

She was wrong. 

And life goes on as usual in the bakery. 

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