Saturday, March 09, 2013

Vent - 3/9 Bitchy Bosses

I wish I could find another job! Or perhaps have another boss! She's driving me nuts!

Yesterday all I did is ask her a simple question about the schedule and she flies off the handle at me, wouldn't let me get a word in AND she mis-understood the question. ( She's from Mexico but has been in the USA for 16 yrs so speaks pretty good English but still gets confused sometimes) She went off on me for no reason. I don't like to being talked to too like that. Its a awful feeling.
My plan is too make a fresh resume and see if I can get into a doctors office atmosphere again. Or I could ask to be moved to another department?

I don't know? My husband is getting laid off at the end of the month so I feel like I'm kinda stuck.

The company I work for is known for telling people "we don't need you anymore so you can leave "without any notice.

Anyhoot, Im not counting calories or even watching what I eat. I worked out two days this week so far...i know, im asking for trouble. I just feel as if im being pulled in twelve different directions everyday and food is my only comfort.  I do try...I've been eating 5-300 calorie meals but no working out. Then my snack at night pretty much erases all my efforts during the day.

My mind isn't focused right now, all I think about is bills and how we're going to pay them :(

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