Sunday, March 24, 2013

Huffy Puffy Pants

This post is mainly about me bitching about my job...thats all. Im just pissed and tired of my job.

SO, I GET TO WORK THIS MORNING and its just me, myself and I. On a Sunday? The donut maker has come and gone for the day. I have to basically do the job of three people today. Bake, Pull & and fill ( pull out-of-date items off the shelf then restock)AND i have 5 cake orders due before noon. And get this - there was nobody else scheduled. what the hell? Im not a robot or a machine? Im getting taking advantage of and im so sick of it. Damn't...I wish my DH wasn't getting laid off because I would find another job. Its getting ridiculous

And believe me, I didn't bust my ass one little bit today, I took my time.

Sigh.......its just not worth it anymore.

ALRIGHTY!!! Im going to talk about fitness and healthy related stuff because im done with my rant. I hate my job and I'm kinda stuck right now so "OH FUDGE"

If you get a chance to peek at my March workout thread then you'll see how i've been kicking major butt this month with my workouts. Im proud. Its become a habit again....I just don't feel good unless i've gotten a workout in :)

I've also been logging my food faithfully ( binges and over eating as well) for about two weeks now. Its starting to become habit too. These two things im VERY PROUD OF! :)

Now I just need to reduce those calories a little and glue my mouth shut after 7pm every night and the weight will come off....yup.

baby steps ---- I'm taking baby steps in the RIGHT direction.

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