Wednesday, March 27, 2013

21 Days And S*T*R*O*N*G*

Its been three weeks since I started Faithfully logging my food and fully committing to getting my workouts in. Yeahya!! That's exactly 21 Ladies and Gentlemen - I would say that I have started a HABIT.

And once a habit is formed the only thing I can do is improve upon it :)

Im off work today, thank goodness . My little man is home sick with a mild fever, sore throat and some wet coughing. Im sure its this crazy GA weather. 70's one week then its snowing the next. Im keeping a close eye on him.

Sooooo, on my last post I was b*tiching about my job, about how I was doing a 3 person job on Sunday morning ( a weekend day - a busy day) and I wishing I could quit. Well get this, the next day I was working with my manager and she actually comes up and apologizes to me for leaving me by myself Sunday. I was kinda shocked but relieved too. I deserved an apology !

Her excuse was that she didn't know I was by myself? ( she's been making the schedule for 7+ years now and she didn't know I was by myself on a Sunday? Ummm, I'm not buying it)  Whether she's telling the truth or not - I don't care. And I didn't say "its ok" like I would normally do. I just smiled with no response. ( biting my tongue of course )

Yesterday she tried to get me to agree with her about an another associate. One who she knows I enjoy working with because we get along good together.  It was about something that a bread baker knows that she didn't do ( suppose to put lids on the cinnamon buns and she didn't, well it was me who forgot about the dang things sitting there so this girl was doing ME a favor by icing them instead of leaving them on the table) My boss kept saying "yeah, but its just common sense" I said it " well, she is only 19 and I'm sure she just wanted to get the heck out of here and wasn't thinking about it, besides...she hasn't been trained to bake yet" Boss lady just rolled her eyes and walked away...

ok...thats my day-off-update.

Today I plan on doing some cardio and some upper body weights. Or perhaps I will do a circuit?

Have a great Wednesday :)

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  1. I can't take work issues. With my disorder I can't work anymore anyway but even if I could that kind of crap would drive me to the state mental hospital. I worked in a grocery store deli/bakery for a couple of years and I hated it.The bosses daughter worked there too and she was always putting everything off on me. So glad I don't have to put up with that anymore.


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