Thursday, February 14, 2013

TWO MORE DAYS!!!!!! & Day #1

Two more days until I'm off for 7 - sigh - really need a break from work. Last week I kept thinking about looking for another job when I know deep down inside that I really don't hate my job. I'm just burnt out on it. ( sometime the people there get on my last nerve too).

Today is Valentines Day and im sure its going to be nuts at work.

On another note
My hubby told me a few days ago that were going to a Easter gathering with his family in april. IMMEDIATELY I WAS HORRIFIED! They haven't' seen me in over year - since I was small :(   I don't want anyone to see me like this, its embarrassing. I know I shouldn't talk like that but its true.

So, ( and I can't believe im saying this) but I bought another small journal to be used as a food log. I plan on eating 3 days at 1500 and 4 days at 1800.

I weighed this morning ( yeah, I know I said I wouldn't ever weigh again but whats a girl to do?) and im back up to what I weighed at weight watchers. Dag-Blamit!!!

Yup, its going to be hard - but not impossible.

I will not show up at that Easter gathering embarrassed, I will show up there at least 10-15lbs lighter :)

So lets make this official 
My Goal: To lose at least 10lbs by Easter
Motivation-Easter Gathering and my clothes fitting loose :)
Rules-Eat a zig-zag calorie deficit  and weigh in on Friday mornings.  I will weigh in when I feel like it. LOL

I will also write this in my journal as a reminder of why im doing this. 

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