Saturday, February 09, 2013

Time To Make The Donuts

Im up early waiting on DH do get home (he works the night shift) so I can take my but to the bakery and get the donut shift over with. I usually go in a little earlier than 3:30am but I can't today with the kids being here. Im sipping on coffee until DH gets here...

Anyways, yesterdays eating was good. For some reason I was so hungry all morning at work. I didn't really bring a snack, just breakfast and lunch - so I guzzled water until my breaks. I think I will buy some protein bars to keep in my locker for emergencies. I may not be has strong next time and I do work in a bakery :/

Some thoughts....
Yesterday I noticed my moods changing frequently. I mean wow -and it all starts with negative thoughts. It was explained to me how the cycle works by that therapist I saw. First you think negative, then it sort of escalates from there until your mood has been effected. She told me to stop that negative thought in its track by using a positive thought pattern - I have to remember to do that from now on. I was feeling pretty low yesterday. You know, I'm thinking about maybe doing some research on positive speakers or some downloads for my phone and when I go on break I can listen to them to help motivate me. Maybe they can help me stay on track, afterall - the only reason people fail is because they think they 'can't' do something and give up, right? If I replace 'can't' with 'can' then my thought pattern will change.

I can remember back when I lost all that weight I was SO positive all the time. I mean, wow...I don't remember ever questioning whether I could lose weight - it was only a question of when.

ok - enough rambling. Gotta go get my self looking good for work ( so I can get covered in donut glaze LMAO)

I had a funny thought the other day. I thought I would take pictures of some of the things I make at work that temp me then post them on here so I'm not the only one who has to see it and call the post " If I can say no then YOU can say no". Sounds pretty fun...


  1. I have two suggestions, The Happiness trap book and Jon Gabriel's visualisations. Probably the second one because it only takes 10 mins a day and it is an audio track. So easy to fit in, but it is hard to feel down after you listen to it!

  2. Hey, Thanks for the recommendations. I will check them out now :)


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