Saturday, February 23, 2013

Saturday, 2/23 - update

Well, I couldn't help it. I had to weigh in this morning and im down a pound. That one little pound gives me hope.

The last three days have been good. I've logged my food and listened to my brain sync download. 

There is one thing that I decided to do yesterday...i feel that my medication (celexa) isn't working as good as zoloft did so im going back on zoloft, but instead of the 100 mg dose - im going to stick with just 50mgs a day and that's it. I'm hoping it doesn't effect my workouts like it did the first go around. I will just have to be more disciplined with it...I will have to make myself workout. And logging my food is a must with my food addiction and binge disorder. I know its hard to log food everyday but if I can do it for most of the week then I won't gain any weight. There is something about seeing what I eat on paper that stimulates my mind and stops all the mindless eating.

On today's agenda:
1) Workout 4/5 days this week
2) plan and log my meals for today
3) buy a water bottle at work and keep it filled there
4) listen to my ocean sounds tonight 

Yesterday my workout was summed up in one word awesome . But unfortunately my right heel was very sore last night and I only used a 4" step - sigh, really sucks. I miss my step workouts. 

I plan on doing a 35-40 minute medium intensity cardio, not sure what yet. I need to get my workout clothes on and get going because I have to be at work at 11am today. BOOOOOOO  back to work today. to get my workout in.

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