Thursday, February 07, 2013

Positive Thoughts = Positive Action

Good Morning,

I've got some things that I wanted to say to myself this morning and I thought I would share it with you all ( and have it for a reminder).

Dear Amy,

There is no amount of words that can express how you feel everyday. I know  your overwhelmed with work. Your overwhelmed with trying to raise two kids the best you can along with your supportive husband. And your trying to keep bills from piling up and keep your house clean.  I know your trying the best you can. everyday. Its all such a full plate of stress.

But you are not a quitter. I can see that your thoughts are constantly going back to what you can do to improve your day. You're a positive person-your a "go-getter" . And its ok to fall down sometimes when it feels like everything is piling on top of you, I understand. This is your rational side of your brain speaking. You don't have to have everything perfect in order to do it 'right'.

Lets start with your diet, since it seems to be the only thing that has suffered since adding to your plate of life.

Ok - we both know that you don't NEED moosetracks at 8pm at night and certainly not a whole bowl full. While your stuffing all that icecream in that bowl you are fighting everything logical in your brain to put it back in the container. And why on earth do you write 'Cheese Its' on your hubbies shopping list? Those things are like crack to a crackhead(your the crackhead*ahem).

YOU DESERVE BETTER AND YOUR WORTH MORE. YOU Deserve to look and feel as good as you want too.

And SO WHAT, you've tried diet pills over-the-counter weight loss products and spent money on diet programs, that doesn't make you a failure? Its just shows that your NOT GIVEN UP!

So START! START NOW - START TODAY - START LOVING YOURSELF AGAIN and respecting your body. Your going to LOVE the way you feel everyday that you nurture yourself with healthy food and activity.

I'm telling you this because your AWESOME and you CAN do this! No more thoughts of diet pills and no more thoughts of diet programs, quick weight loss scams or herbs to help you lose wieight women, you know how to do this? No more thoughts of "I can't do this" when you know you can and have. QUIT QUESTIONING YOURSELF AND GO BY YOUR EXPERIENCE! YOUR A PRO AT WEIGHT LOSS!

ok, im gonna let you go for now because you have to go to work. But I will be checking up on LETS GO! ((((HUGS))) Now go kick some butt girl!

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