Sunday, February 24, 2013


Work was good yesterday, I did have a very big pain-in-the-ass cake that I had to do when I first got there ^above^^.  I've never done this cake before and I hope i never have to do it again! Getting buttercreme this smooth is no easy task! The cupcakes were fun though... I also made brownies and fudge and it never occurred to me to taste any of it. I'm thinking those mp3 downloads are working :)

I ended yesterday at 1680 total calories. I figure I didn't burn that many with my workout. I did a 30 minute turbo jam. I figure maybe 150 calories burned ( there was no jumping or kicking). So that would put yesterday at around 1500 total calories, and thats the lowest im willing to go.

I have to work today but afterwards I plan on doing a 60 minute workout including either legs or upper body with a leslie walk. So my calories will be back up to 1800.

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