Friday, February 08, 2013

I Didn't Feel Like It - But I Did It!

Wow - for the past few days my motivation has slipped. Im not sure if it has to do with the new antidepressant that I'm on or maybe I'm in a slump? Whatever the issue - I had to dig really deep to get my walk in this morning. But I did and I do feel better :)

Todays a long day at work 7:30-4, I would love to say that after work I will do another 30min walk or even pick up some weights but I will have to wait and see. My job is so physically exhausting that Im usually pretty tired afterwords. I do plan on packing my lunch like I did yesterday. I purchased this really cool salad bowl at walmart that comes with a fork and 2tbs little cup. I think it will be easier to bring my salads with that. I also got a really cute lunch bag :)

So yesterdays eating wasn't bad. I did eat about four servings of cheeze its. There in the garbage right now, I hate throwing away perfectly good food but there just too tempting to me. And the moosetracks are gone too, my husband and little girl took care of it for me. So I told them no more junk until im able to get a hold of my temptations.

I mentioned that I started taking another antidepressant about a month ago. IMO, a month should be enough time for the medication to work, I should start feeling better. But here lately I feel as if im in this cloud, this fog. I feel almost numb. Its strange - when I was on Zoloft I can remember feeling completely laid back and I thought with clarity. ( but the weight gain became too much for me to handle so I weaned myself off it).

I don't know...maybe I will get the medication a few more weeks before I start questioning it?

so anyways - TGIF

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