Friday, February 01, 2013

Friday 2/1 **Baby Steps**

Good Morning Blogger peeps!

Sorry to be MIA for a week now- just nothing really going on. I have been coming on here an updating my workouts daily.

Unfortunately I haven't been following WWers for two weeks now. I was awesome the first week, lost 4lbs and felt great. But I started getting really emotional on the start of that 2nd week and then something happened at work that bothered me + DH and I had a small argument a few days later. So here I sit, at the same weight with just excuses. But my workouts are making a difference in the way my clothes are thats awesome!

Its going to take time for me to get my groove back with the eating. I can't expect to go from a junkie to health nut over night. Gotta take baby steps....

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