Friday, February 15, 2013

Day #2 Strong

So...yesterday was Day #1. I did good...did have some eats around 7:30ish but my total calorie goal was still met.

Today was an awesome workout totaling at around 67mins. I did some Hiit plus bicep and triceps. This medication im on for anxiety isn't slowing me down. Yay. Im taking Celexa ( well, the generic for it) just 5mgs and its enough for now. Im not in the fog anymore and it finally started working well for me. It took over a month for it to kick in.

I just hope it doesn't slow down my weight loss. that would suck!!! in about a week I will weigh again, after  some good eating days. I know my body pretty well and learned a lot while losing weight before. to work in a few. Its my last day before my vacation starts. Can you guys believe that my boss kinda made me feel guilty about me taking these days off. First she said that the store manager had a problem with it but she kinda 'talked' him out of it and its fine now. Then she said that she was the one who is going to suffer in the mornings.

OMG, what the f*ck ever. I could care less if she suffers or not. I earned this and deserve it. She took off four days during Christmas to be with her family and I never said a d@mn word. It was crazy and it was overwhelmed with stress and co-workers.

anyways. I won't get started on all that drama LOL. Todays going to be a good day. I've got my workout in, got my food logged and I get to spend the next 7 days with my family :D Life is good!

oh - I found this site through a trusted friend and im looking in to purchasing the weight loss mp3 downloads. Check it out if you have a minute. I thought it was very interesting and affordable.


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