Wednesday, February 27, 2013

2/27 - Wednesday Update

deluxe stirfry + shredded chicken in light soy sauce. Supper  one day.
Good Morning,

Its Wednesday, February 27th. I'm sipping my coffee before my very long day begins. At least im off Friday and Saturday. I was very happy to see that :)

My workouts & eating have been good. Im not really eating a low calorie diet, its moderately low. I have to keep that in mind when I weigh in, this morning I decided to peek at the scale and its down .4 which is a lot better than it being up .4.  But I was expecting more...

Isn't that always the case with the scale? I really need to get my husband to take my measurements...those are the real results. My pants will tell the truth too.

Im still listening to that brainsync subliminal weight loss download at night, last night I drifted off to sleep while listening to it. I can feel it helping with the cravings, there just not as strong and I have more control over them. Its like as soon as the though of 'overeating' enters my mind its followed by positive thoughts of why im on this journey.  I plan on getting more downloads soon from her. She has one for anxiety and positive thinking that I want.

Medication talk
Last week I went to a doctors visit about adjusting my meds. I started taking Celexa ( the generic) about a month ago. At first it didn't really help at all, but just recently I've noticed a difference in my moods. He suggested that I increase my dose to 20mgs ( I was taking 10mgs) a day but at the time of the visit I was in such a bad state of mind that I wanted to go back to zoloft..he said ok and wrote out a script.

after a few days of thinking I decided to give Celexa a try since 10mgs isn't really a full daily dose. I went up to 20mgs about three days ago and so far so good. It will take about three-four weeks for me to feel a difference so Im keep my fingers crossed that it helps. to get ready for work. Tonight I plan on getting in a nice long power walk with leslie. I may do that 4 fast miles that she has....

Have a nice day :)

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  1. I am your new follower. I saw your weight ticker up there, and you're so close to your goal now. Congrats. I like to read the inspirational quotes you put on your sidebar. Thanks for sharing them. Have a great day!



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