Sunday, January 20, 2013

Yesterday's mood forecast was 100% BIOOOTCH! 

Seriously, I came home from work and I just wanted to sit in-front of the tv and eat mindlessly.
 But I didn't instead I stayed on plan. (woot woot) Yeah, I came home and sat with my lip poked out most of the night and watched my family eat pizza but I never strayed from my plan. I thought about getting in a workout but my foot was hurting so bad. :(  besides, it was time for a rest day. My body deserved one :)

Work is such a pain in the @ss, I've been at this bakery for 2yrs and its starting to get old. I'm sick of my manager taking off weekends and basically whenever she wants. I'm sick of having to pick up the slack of lazy people that work there.  I wish I could quit or maybe only work 3 days a week, but then I would lose my position as assistant bakery manager ( a full time position in my eyes).

Yesterday I had 2 offers at work. One was for another assistant bakery manager position at another store...eye roll. The was a bakery manager position that would give me a total drive time of an hour a day. *ahem, no thanks.  Apparently two bakery's aren't doing so well so there moving people around and demoting them. I didn't think twice about both offers and turned them down. There is NO WAY IN HELL i would be a bakery manager right now ( or ever really) for one thing, they don't make enough $ to make it worth while. 2nd, everything is our responsibility -EVERYTHING. 3rd, I don't think I have the passion for it.  Here's my thinking, I have a raise coming up next month, when I get my review I plan on talking to the store manager and telling him that if he ever needs me to go to another department I will. If he ever needs me to step down from my position because there may be another bakery employee that wants to be a bakery manager...I will. I DON'T CARE.

My childeren and husband are my prioties...not this damn job. I watching my kids grow up right before my eyes, and I feel like I'm missing it. I work 5 days a week, 7/8 hours a day...I miss them :(.

I have a vacation coming up right after valentines day...and DAMN I can't wait. :)

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  1. Here's to getting through the next three weeks and then having a break from it all!


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