Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thursday Day 4 on WWers


I just finished a 30 min interval training workout. It was one I got from the WWers starter kit I purchased Monday. Its called Points Plus Fitness Workout. Its pretty intense...I did the whole workout and got a good sweat in. Lots of squats, back lunges, bicep curls, front dumb bell raises and side lunges. She did some 'skaters' as I like to call them too. In the end, I was red faced and breathing hard so two thumbs up!

The last three days haven't been that bad. It does get kinda tedious to constantly check the points value of things before I eat them.  I basically eat the same things and I know I will learn there points value over time and be able to remember them at a glance.  Last night my mood changed considerable around 6ish. I wasn't hungry but just became frustrated. Im pretty sure it was because my kids and husband were eating one of my favorite snacks in the living room while I was reading a book in the kitchen..( chips and dip). Its just one of the things I know I will have to say no to for now until I can stop at one serving. off to get ready for work. Just wanted to fill you guys in.

I really need to take some before measurements and photos...i keep forgetting, gah!

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