Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Morning, Up & At It Early!!

Good Morning,

Im up early to get in an workout before work. Not sure what yet but at least im up to argue with myself about it ;-)

Ok...so. Went to Weight watchers yesterday. (yay)  I really liked the Leader there. She was funny and so encouraging. (yay) I got suckered in and bought a starter kit that included a WWer calculator thingy, two books a tracking book and another writing book, some collapsible measuring cups & a Measuring tape. There was also so coupons in there and points stickers.  I haven't really had time to look through any of the books yet so sorry for such a crappy review on them, HA!

The meeting was about cleaning out our fridge and making things easily accessible. For instance, cutting fruit up and veggies and making them visible in containers, getting rid of anything that may temp us or at least move it out of view,  Write the points on everything in the cabinet or fridge with a permanent marker so you know before you eat. They also discussed some healthier snacks we could have for on the go.

Over all, I really enjoyed the meeting. It gave me that boost that I needed to kinda of 'revive' myself out of bad habit hell (as I like to call it now) and the money I spent there is a reminder to me of how dedicated I am and WILL be. ( Meeting + starter kit was $48 & change,-- ouch)

The last time I did WWers I think I went to the meeting for a month or so and then did the program at home without them. This time Im going to take it week by week because honestly, that weekly support is something I need right now :)

oh and totally stayed on my plan yesterday...so day one was AWESOME :-D

I've got some new developments at work that are making my anxiety go up slightly. Will fill you in on that later.
 OH YEAH...I forgot to tell you guys that im completely off Zoloft :D as of yesterday its been three weeks. (* fist pump woohoo). I feel good, my moods are kinda  all over the place but I read thats normal when coming off the drug.

ok...gotta get a workout in now. BBL or tonight :)

Its tonight now, around 7ish. Before turning in to bed I wanted to check in with my workout. I ended up doing a 35min walk/jog with Leslie Sansome. I did 3miles. Food is great too. I earned 3points with my workout so I may eat them...may not. I love that fruit and veggies are zero. At least I won't go hungry as long as I have those in the house LOL

sorry for any typos - I didn't go back and check :-P

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