Saturday, January 12, 2013

Morning, Its Saturday, January 12th


Its 5:25 on a Saturday and I don't have to be at work until 7, no idea why im up so frickin early?

Yesterday I did 30min cardio and another one on Wednesday. I was so out of breath on both these workouts? One had some jumping in it and I could feel every impact through my legs. It took more energy for me to move and when I was done...I didn't feel great about it. I felt FAT!


So its obvious to me that what I'm doing isn't working. I need to make more of a commitment to my health. I decided to go to Weight Watchers again. ( lost about 30lbs with them before) There is a meeting about 10mins from my house and that face-to-face commitment is what I need right now. Being around other people that are trying to lose weight is what I need right now. There is no 'thinking' involved with WWers. They give you an amount of points to start off with and in a few weeks you start losing weight. Last year about this time I joined WWers online and really didn't like it. I purchased a 3month program and it was pretty pricey...this time I'm going to purchase the weekly program "pay as you go" that they have at the meetings.

ok. Suddenly I want to workout before work. Be back this evening :)

Did Xtrains back and biceps from burn sets :)

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