Saturday, January 19, 2013

I'm running out of post titles LOL

I did great yesterday on WWers. Actually.. I have done great this whole week. Im so proud of myself :D

I got in a 3mile power walk yesterday along with 25mins of yoga making my workout workout time around 60mins...that felt great to get in after work. Some mornings I just don't feel like getting up early. I plan on getting in something after work. I need to do some weight lifting but im so scared it will effect my weigh in on Monday. From past experience, I'm pretty sure it will. Maybe I will start weights on tuesday, just getting in three weight workouts a week. I don't want to be all flabby when I get rid of this weight. I was pretty toned before...

ok, im just rambling now...

anyways, off to work I go. I've got my food pack and yep, its pretty boring. whole wheat english muffing w/egg substitute and light smoked sausage, a Sandwich, carrot sticks & greek yogurt + bannana.

I will update my January workouts log when I workout later today...stay tuned for that :)


  1. Good girl! I seriously hope that you have a great loss on Monday!

  2. Thank you! Me too. But im also going to tell myself 'its ok' if I don't. Thanks for the encouragement :)


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