Saturday, October 27, 2012

Update: Saturday October 27th

Well, I wish I could say that I was off today but no-can-do. I'm working this evening to help with the dreaded monthly inventory. Then I will be working tomorrow and Monday...but I don't mind. After all its not like a hate my job. It can be stressful with an abundance of ready-to-grab junk food to feed my addiction but if im going to continue to work there then I will find a way to balance it all out. (stepping off my soap box now )

Good Morning fellow Bloggers! Hows your day going so far? Hows the cup of coffee or tea or soda or whatever it is that you people drink in the mornings? :-D

So as you all know , if you've been reading my blog that is, I have decided to slowly wean myself off zoloft. Im tired of my ass expanding and my belly bulging and the urges to consume large amounts of fried foods and chocolate. :D ( to say it lightly )

I had my first signs of anxiety yesterday right before bed. There was this slightly overwhelming feeling of uneasiness that hit me all of a sudden. I had to take a very low dose of Valium to knock it out.  I will be so glad when I can say that I am free of all medication. If I didn't have the Valium last night then I would've went to a quiet room and tried to meditate...or find a way to relax my mind instead of medicate it :)

I contacted a close online friend yesterday. I've had the pleasure of meeting her in person a couple of years ago. Shes awesome and was  eager to help!   I wanted her advice on how to start back to eating healthy and working out like I used too. She was delighted to hear from me and gave me the advice that I was hoping for.

Sooooo, I'm ready to start s*l*o*w*l*y getting back into the habit of taking care of myself again. I need to search for that balance with-in me when I have the urge to eat. Balance = peace.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Day #3 of 75mgs of zoloft. Still feeling good. No noticeable side effects so far..

I'm pretty tired right now so Im off to bed. Just a quick update. I had to work the early morning shift today and I stayed about an hour over to help with some cake orders since the manager was by herself.

Have a great night.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Taking The Plunge

So I decided to slowly wean myself off of Zoloft. Its a huge decision in my life right now because it has helped with my anxiety and depression considerable, but I just can't handle the weight gain and lack of energy any more.

I have been taking 100mg for a little over a year now. Today is my 2nd day of 75mgs. I plan to listen to my body and take it doctor suggested that I reduce my dose every 7-10 days so thats what I'll do.

I will keep everyone updated :)

Meanwhile life goes on.

off to carve some pumpkins with the kitties and pawpaws house :)

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