Sunday, August 05, 2012

Hardest Thing in my Life!

When I started this weight loss journey back in the summer of 2005 I had one goal in mind, to lose weight. Never mind all the benefits that came along with the weight loss, I honestly didn't care about all of that. I just wanted to look good. ( I vain) But I never dreamed that this journey would never end? Its even more difficult keeping the weight off then it was taking it off. This has been the hardest thing that I've personally had to do in my entire life! I've quit smoking, I've quit other bad addictions but food - food is my drug of choice. And I can't turn my back on it like alcoholics can when they quit drinking. Ya gotta eat, right? These past few days my emotions have been pretty down. I know my weight is slowly rising and I know what I have to do to stop it but oddly enough, Im not doing it. Im making a lazy effort, of course. But there's no consistency in my efforts. I wish they made a pill for motivation... For instance, right now im on the computer blogging / playing face books flower shop ( I know, im such a child) instead of working out. I just don't want to workout, its boring. I'd much rather go plant imaginary flowers and fix up my imaginary flower shop with my earnings. sigh, im gonna go put on my workout clothes and get started. If I finish GREAT, if I don't...I tried.

Edit To Add: Cathe Friedrichs cardio super sets done and yep, another ass kicking for me. :o

August check-in

Morning, Are you having a good day? I hope you can say 'yes I am' cause I'm always having a good day when I'm not at work....