Friday, June 22, 2012

Lesson Learned

I stopped taking Adipex yesterday. It was starting to really bug me. I wasn't getting enough sleep, my anxiety was through the roof plus I would go all day without hardly eating anything then when the pill started wearing off, I would eat before bedtime. pointless! And my mom and sister kept asking me what was wrong when I saw them last week. Apparently I wasn't acting like myself. So my husband's comment last week was right. The pill changed me, my whole personality.

So here I am, three weeks later and I am at the same weight I started at! That was a lesson learned. I wanted to try it and I I can go back to how I lost weight before...the healthy way. Working out + cutting calories.

I bought me a little motivation yesterday.  Its a food log book that I can keep in my purse. I got it at walmart, its called Golds Gym weight loss tracker. It has a calculator in the book and tips and motivational quotes on each page to keep you going. Its got 12 weeks of food log + exercise days in it.....

anyhoot. I've got to go to work, blah...bbl :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Guess what people? I'm OFF WORK TODAY WOOHOO :D

OMGOooooosh, im so glad im not at that place today. Being in charge of the bakery for the past 3 weeks has been a huge pain in the ass! Thats P*I*T*A!!!!!!!!! And there is no way i would do this full time without at least a 2+$ raise. But then again, i'm not even sure if I would WANT to do this full time?  The job requires too much paper work, too much planning for one person, too much thinking ( thats why the bakery manager has an assistant, me, but I don't have anyone to help ME when my boss goes on vacation, whats up with THAT crap?).  Meanwhile I got employees coming up and bitching about things that I can't help? I mean seriously, if what their bitching about is part of their job then how can I help? I REALLY want to just say...SHUT UP and do your damn job!!!!

And another thing, I can't really depend on anyone when I'm off. I've got two trucks ( orders) that came in last night and I guarantee you there still sitting in the back (one is frozen) I have to call every time I'm off work to make sure they get them.


And meanwhile I'm trying to lose weight with that diet pill that I mentioned on my last post, and its not working out quite like I imagined it would. SURE, I take it in the morning and im not hungry for most part of the day. I don't eat any thing at the bakery ( I was a master at snacking and tasting,eh). I eat my breakfast, lunch and then supper. But then the diet pill starts wearing off and im eating at night( not binging...just snacking). Taking it is kinda pointless if I eat at night?? I've got 13 pills left and I'm going to try and make the best of them. No more eating after 7pm...........damn't!

Oh and my husband said that my personality has changed these past few weeks. I ask "how?" and he couldn't give me an exact answer...just that I have 'changed' and my mind is always somewhere else. WTF?  My reaction to that? " babe, Im running a bakery by myself + taking a diet pill and trying to not blow either of them..... sorry if I seem a little off lately" *eye roll

I haven't had a chance to workout in 4 days! I plan on doing some weights today and yard work. I think I will try and make a habit of working out at night so maybe it will curb those late night munchies...thats a good idea, right?

End of post!

September 2018 Update

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