Saturday, June 09, 2012

Well this is GREAT!

Of course im being sarcastic...wth am I doing up this early? My eye's popped open at 3:30 this morning....really sucks.

So, since im up - might as well blog.

Continuing on with my Scream Out Loud post the other day...I spoke to a some-what trusted co-worker about what happened that day. She said she wouldn't worry about it, she also told me that the PITA cake decorator said that I showed weakness when I went to the store manager about an incident between me and the other PITA co-worker( donut maker). I said "Weakness? And I was suppose to just stand there and let her scream at me? I'm acting manger right now...I'm just a fill in until the bakery manger returns...I don't have to deal with that crap!" She said exactly... she then said that the PITA cake decorator told her it was a sign of weakness in their culture. When you don't deal with your own problems.  *eye roll* I simply said "I'm not their culture...."

sigh, kinda pissed me off though. If there is one thing I KNOW im not, its weak. I wouldn't be in the position im in if I was looked at as weak. Seriously....

anyways. Im waiting on my husband to get home so I can go to work. ( my babies aren't old enough to be by their self :)

later gators....

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Scream Out Loud

Let me start off by explaining the situation im in....

I work at a bakery as an assistant manager. My manager is on vacation for the month of June. I have been with the bakery almost 16months now. I have a total of 5 employees under me. 2 of those 5 employees have 3 years seniority over me and are at least 15years older than me. One is a fabulous cake decorator and he knows it, the other does donuts very well.  I consider those two employees the BIGGEST PAINS IN THE ASS so far in my managing experience. So, from now on I will describe those two employees as PITA employee's!

The PITA cake decorator and I both agreed that he could come in on Wednesdays for cake and front freezer production, if we're behind.  

I get to work yesterday (wednesday) and PITA cake decorator is there and has been there since 5am. He has completed half of my job, half of the other PITA jobs ( and they are close friends and both speak Spanish among themselves) and half of my third employees job. sigh

I was a little speechless at first and thought 'whatever' and went about my business. But as the day progressed I watched him and he did maybe two hours of production for the front freezer and the rest of the time he spent cleaning and organizing the bakery.

My store manager wasn't there yesterday or I would have went to him. But I did go to the deli manager for advice. She suggested that I watched the PITA cake decorator and tell him its time to leave when his 8hr shift is up. I did...and he got very quiet and waited until it was EXACTLY his time to leave ( on the dot) before he left. I've discovered that he is basically a dickhead.... I will have to talk to the store manager about him tomorrow.

Meanwhile the other PITA employee, will call her...PITA donut maker, hung around for 20mins after her shift was done to talk to the PITA cake decorator.

I DON'T like this. I feel as if they are not taking me serious and there basically doing whatever they want to. This is the kind of behavior i would expect from kids, not from older adults. They are riding the clock and pushing me as an assistant.  I feel an argument coming from both of them about this behavior. I will keep this situation updated as it unfolds ( and these are the days of my life, LOL)

August check-in

Morning, Are you having a good day? I hope you can say 'yes I am' cause I'm always having a good day when I'm not at work....